STUTTGART, GERMANY - Following a successful launch in North America, Matrox Imaging is pleased to bring its authorized integrator program to Europe. The Matrox authorized integrator program will help European manufacturers find qualified, local machine vision consultants to integrate vision systems into their manufacturing processes. Matrox Imaging European Sales Manager Sam Lopez says, “The authorized integrator program means that European manufacturers will be able to look in their own back yards and find local vision experts with the knowledge and experience to build powerful turn-key imaging solutions.”

Systems integrators who join the program receive several benefits that include preferential pricing on Matrox Imaging hardware and software products, pre-qualified sales leads, personalized applications support, as well as frequent training sessions and marketing support. “These systems integrators come to Matrox Imaging because they want a business relationship with an industry leader who has a global presence,” notes Lopez.

Clients who use a Matrox Imaging Authorized Integrator benefit from a turn-key system crafted by a vision specialist and constructed with high-quality components. Matrox Imaging smart cameras, imaging computers, frame grabbers, the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox Design Assistant software are tools that set the standard for the price/performance ratio clients expect.

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