ANN ARBOR, MI – Cost savings, green technology trends, inspection, lean and cutting-edge technology secrets will be revealed at the International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show and Conference. The event takes place June 9 to 11 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois, and the conference features presentations by some 50 international experts on automation in manufacturing.

Conference tracks are specifically designed for companies currently using or considering using robots, machine vision, motion control and related technologies. 'This is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to more successfully apply these technologies,' says Jeffrey A. Burnstein, president of Robotic Industries Association, one of the trade groups sponsoring the show and conference. There are a number of introductory tutorials conducted on Monday, June 8, prior to the opening of the International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show.

Morning sessions on Tuesday, June 9, include “Cost Justifying Automation in a Lean Manufacturing World,” exploring how these automation technologies fit into lean manufacturing processes. During the Tuesday afternoon sessions, “Robots & Vision in a Green Manufacturing World,” will demonstrate how these automation technologies can be used to manufacture solar cells, wind turbines, fuel cells and other green technologies. And system integrators will present real world application case studies during “Successful Applications of Robotics,” providing insight and strategies for users to implement their own systems. Many of these solutions will be demonstrated on the show floor throughout the week.

On Wednesday morning, June 10, conference attendees will learn about technology developments for the military. Ellen M. Purdy, enterprise director, joint ground robotics, Office of Under Secretary for Defense, will give a keynote talk on current and future applications using robotics and related automation to accomplish battlefield missions.

Wednesday afternoon features a presentation on “The Latest Advances in Service Robotics.” Robot use for security, elder care, in the home and in a wide range of applications outside the factory will be discussed by experts from around the world.

“Advances in Robotics Accessory Technology” will discuss end of arm tooling, industrial fieldbus systems, simulation and software issues critical to the success of a robotic system on Thursday, June 11, as part of the final-day agenda.

Sponsored by three trade groups: The Robotic Industries Association, the Automated Imaging Association, and the Motion Control Association, the conference includes admission to the companion International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show, June 9 to 11. Registration for the conference sessions starts at less than $200 per day. Full-conference attendees can receive an additional $25 bonus incentive. Show-only registration is free. Complete details can be found by calling (734) 994-6088.