In a recent survey by nondestructive testing (NDT) networking company PQNDT, the company asked a series of supplemental questions about layoffs and unemployment in the NDT industry. Overall, 7.5% of those surveyed had lost their jobs in the previous 12 months. The rate remained below the national unemployment rate, which hovered around 10% for much of the year, and is still above 9%. PQNDT gathered its data in 2010, while the country was still in recession.

Of those laid off, most (70%) had found new jobs, and most of those found new employment fairly quickly (82% within four months).

During the first half of 2011, there was a jump in the number of contract NDT assignments. This is an indication of an increasing workload, tempered with caution about hiring permanent, full-time employees. That trend is now shifting over to more companies looking to hire for full-time permanent NDT positions, as the economic recovery begins to take more solid hold, according to the survey.

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