Prosilica’s integration into the Allied Vision Technologies group is now complete. Effective February 1, 2010, the former Prosilica Inc. with headquarters in Burnaby, BC, Canada, is now incorporated as Allied Vision Technologies Canada Inc. This step completes the integration process of both companies.

The new chief executive officer of Allied Vision Technologies Canada Inc. is Michael Cyros, who also heads AVT’s subsidiary in the USA, Allied Vision Technologies Inc. Cyros is now in charge of the whole American operations of AVT, which includes the Burnaby, BC R&D and production site as well as the Newburyport, MA sales office. Steve Prescesky remains President and COO of AVT Canada Inc.

Full Service From Coast to Coast

“With AVT Canada Inc. and AVT Inc. Now sharing joint operations, we now rely on a strong base on the American continent”, commented Michael Cyros. “Thanks to our two sites on the East and West coast, we are now able to provide customers in the Americas with an even higher level of local service for AVT’s fully integrated camera range”.

Allied Vision Technologies acquired Prosilica in July 2008. The Canadian camera manufacturer had established itself in the market by pioneering the technology of digital cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision). Prosilica’s GigE Vision product lineup and sales channels have been fully integrated into Allied Vision Technologies’ camera range since 2009.