Sick (, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, and automatic identification products for factory and logistics automation, announced its Color Ranger 3-D Camera has won an “Award for Applied Machine Vision” fromImaging and Machine Visionmagazine, a British publication. The Vision Award recognizes outstanding products or processes. A jury consisting of machine vision experts decides on the most innovative product. As the trend for 3-D and color processing continues to grow, the Sick ColorRanger fills both needs in an innovative combined single camera solution.

The Vision Award was established by Messe Stuttgart with the purpose of awarding the highly innovative power of the industry. Solutions which ensure more quality, efficiency, cost reduction or user-friendliness for the user are awarded. The 18th annual Vision Award went to Sick AG, based in Waldkirch, Germany, for the ColorRanger 3-D camera.

The ColorRanger E combines color and 3-D capabilities in one high-speed camera. By measuring both the 3-D shape and the color of objects and parts, more reliable decisions can be made to allow roduction plants to improve their up-time, throughput, and product quality. The ColorRanger E replaces the need for several different cameras for the same task, which reduces the solution cost and complexity.