HATFIELD, PA-The ASM Philadelphia Chapter named Mike McVaugh, president of Laboratory Testing Inc., as the 2011 Eisenman Award recipient. The annual award is presented in recognition of dedicated service to ASM, foresight, leadership and promotion of the metals industry and metallurgical education. McVaugh received the award at the October 20, 2011 Chapter meeting and made a presentation on the topic, Technology Has Taken Testing to a New Level, which covered the evolution of materials testing at LTI over the past 27 years, including broader capabilities, equipment enhancements and tighter quality control.

Mike McVaugh is in his seventeenth year as president of Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI), taking over the position when his father, Robert W. McVaugh, Sr., passed away in November 1994. McVaugh has been with the Company since it was started by his father in 1984 and filled the role of nondestructive testing manager in the early years. He is honored to receive the Eisenman Award and again follow in the footsteps of the senior McVaugh, who was the 1990 Eisenman Award recipient.

Laboratory Testing Inc. began with a staff of 20 providing commercial nondestructive testing services in a 30,000-square-foot facility. Under Mike’s leadership, the company has significantly expanded the work force, facilities and services provided. Today, LTI is still a family-run business, but now employs 125, operates out of two facilities with a total of 78,000 square feet and specializes in materials testing, specimen machining, nondestructive testing and metrology services. All operations have been computerized and state-of-the-art equipment is used throughout the facilities.

When Laboratory Testing Inc. first went into business, most tests relied on a well-trained eye to interpret and document results. Over the last quarter century, technology has taken testing to a new level at LTI. Testing is critical in many industries such as aerospace, military, power-generation, automotive and for many other commercial businesses to assure quality materials and end products. These days, procedures and other requirements are more stringent than ever. Computerization and other advancements in test equipment have improved the depth of information, reliability, repeatability and documentation. Technology has also greatly improved the production of machined test specimens.

ASM International is an organization serving the materials industry worldwide by providing materials information, education and training, networking opportunities, and professional development resources. LTI is a sustaining member of ASM International celebrating 25 years of service. The company has a number of employees actively participating in the Liberty Bell Chapter.