Now that the dust has cleared-and the cicadas have gone-now is a good time to look back on the International Robots & Vision show held this summer just outside of Chicago, in Rosemont, IL.

Did you learn anything new? Did you meet anyone new? Did you trick-or-treat around the exhibition hall, collecting business cards, information and the occasional mint?

I learned about vision integration at one of David Dechow’s sessions, put names to faces for several e-mail contacts, and of course, like any good attendee, went home with some candy and a bagful of folders, which are now resting comfortably on a corner of my desk. This means the material is now easily within reach should I need to reference something-and only occasionally used as a coaster.

Whether show souvenirs are on your desk or not, now is a good time to contact those people you promised to get in touch with. Sort through the material and see if you missed anything the first time around.

And if you didn’t get to experience Chicago in June, you will have another chance. This month brings me and many others back to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, my new home away from home, for the Quality Expo, held September 25 to 27.

Chicago-and Rosemont-will probably turn into your kind of town. You can’t beat the location-close to O’Hare airport and plenty of hotels-along with easy access to public transportation and Chicago-style pizza. Be sure to venture out of the conference center at some point: All work and no pizza makes for an incomplete visit.

And if you are attending Vision 2007, the 20th International Trade Fair for Machine Vision and Identification Technologies, held in Stuttgart, Germany, November 6 to 8, make the most of it, and have some German chocolates for me. (I’m partial to the Ritter Sport bars, whose motto is “Quality in a square,” but feel free to find your own favorite.) In between all that, be sure to visit the Automated Imaging Association’s networking reception.

At Vision & Sensors we hope to answer your vision questions, and that’s why this month brings our debut Vision Q&A section to solve your specific vision challenges. In addition, this issue covers lenses and optics, synchronization and standards, along with news, products and case studies.

In this issue, we would also like to introduce members of our editorial board, chosen for their expertise in the machine vision industry: David Dechow of Aptura Machine Vision Solutions, Walt Pastorius of LMI Technologies Inc. and Lutz Kreutzer of MVTec Software GmbH.

This issue promises to provide you with information you can use. How much do you know about telecentric lenses? Keep reading to learn more about these lenses as Greg Hollows of Edmund Optics explains their role in eliminating image distortion.

Machine vision sychronization also deserves some attention. LMI’s Leonard Metcalfe provides practical advice on making sure the vision components play nice together.

Finally, with all the changes in vision standards, sometimes it can be difficult to wrap your head around them. Vision & Sensors contributing editor Larry Adams will bring you up to speed.

More information can be found at or in our e-newsletters. The Web site has expanded sections for news and products, along with information that did not fit into these pages.

Until then, stop by and say hello at Quality Expo. I can’t promise candy at our booth, but feel free to bring some with you, and remember to share.