LOUISVILLE, CO-Boulder Imaging, a world leader in high performance quality inspection and machine vision solutions, released its new Vision Inspector Beacon for Web Inspection at the Automate 2011 show at McCormick Place in Chicago. Beacon for Web Inspection is ideal for in-line materials inspection, defect detection, defect archiving, and real time awareness and reporting across a wide range of defects.

Beacon for Web Inspection is built to achieve very high throughput rates with zero false positives. The system identifies defects and anomalies in materials at speeds in excess of 900ft per minute. Beacon for Web Inspection addresses a range of inspection requirements such as registration, presence/absence, alignment, color matching, surface irregularities, etc.

Boulder Imaging’s proprietary hardware and software architectural provides extremely fast and accurate inspection in addition to data retention capabilities. Revolutionary to the product’s design is the three tier architecture. The design is composed of an inspection station, the archive and reporting server (ARS), and the event viewer client (EVC). The Inspection Station is placed in-line and detects defects, anomalies, etc., and delivers defect data to the ARS. The ARS stores the data and presents it to the EVC for review and analysis. The ARS can be configured to meet any retention requirements and is expandable for massive data storage.

The EVC allows for information dissemination throughout the organization. With many EVCs running on personal computers simultaneously management has near real-time insight into production defects and quality.

Vision Inspector Beacon for Web Inspection can be fully leveraged as an enterprise solution that provides data for strategic and tactical operational management of production. Enterprise features include variable views and presentations of data on the EVC, utilization of standard SQL database for extensible third-party reporting, integration into all major PLCs, support for TTL triggering, and expandable metadata.

Adhering to Boulder Imaging’s trademark flexible and expandable design, customers can easily incorporate feature sets such as metrology or system monitoring and alerting from Boulder Imaging’s other products (Benchmark & Guardian). Taking advantage of this unique capability enables the implementation of a fully customized and unique solution built upon mature feature rich modular products.