CHICAGO, IL—The NanoFabrication Systems Division of NanoInk is pleased to announce E-Hong Instruments Co. Ltd. will serve as its distributor in Taiwan for its desktop nanofabrication equipment including the NLP 2000 System, the DPN 5000 System, and MEMsfabricated consumables. NanoInk’s NanoFabrication Systems Division brings sophisticated nanofabrication to the laboratory in an easy-to-use and affordable platform. E-Hong will add NanoInk to its line of high-precision scientific instruments from around the world for distribution in Taiwan.

 “We are delighted to be appointed as the distributor for NanoInk’s products in Taiwan,” says Kuo- Hsuan Chen, vice-general manager at E-Hong. “NanoInk’s products complement our current portfolio and are attractive for our targeted materials and life science market.”

 E-Hong Instruments Co., Ltd. is a privately held company with offices in the Taipei, Hsinchu,

Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung regions of Taiwan. The company offers expertise in SEM, TEM, FIB and analytical instruments and analysis. E-Hong has been supplying solutions to the material science, semiconductor, life science and industrial markets since 1976. More information on E-Hong is available at: