BOULDER, CO--Each year NCSL International has the opportunity to promote individual(s) within our industry. The William A. Wildhack Award was established in 1976 as the highest award of NCSL International, and is given to an individual or group of individuals for outstanding contribution(s) to the field of metrology. The contribution(s) may be in any appropriate form including oral presentation, conference paper, technical or administrative innovation or accomplishment, and/or outstanding leadership to NCSL International. 
The purpose of the award is to provide incentive for and recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of metrology and, in particular, contributions that are in consonance with the goals and purposes of NCSL International. The award is administered by the William A. Wildhack Advisory Panel. Georgia Harris will preside for 2013.
If you know of someone that should be considered, and is qualified to receive this award, please forward your letter of recommendation to Georgia Harris:
Georgia Harris
NCSLI Immediate Past Presdent
The deadline is April 21, 2013.