The job market has become very volatile in recent times. Whether you’ve been affected by downsizing, outsourcing, off-shoring, or you’re just looking to stand out from your peers and other competition, professionals in almost every industry again have to prove themselves more than ever before. 
Following are ten potential career benefits that can be realized when you upgrade your skills and knowledge by pursuing a professional certification. Certainly there are several good certification programs but we’ll focus on those offered by the American Society for Quality (ASQ); however, these ten benefits are not restricted to ASQ certifications.
Higher Earning Potential: Expanded knowledge pays dividends. A person who attains, and applies, new professional skills generally receives higher pay, promotions and other rewards. 
Job Security: If you possess job skills that are critical to your organization’s success, you’re less likely to be downsized when downturns and layoffs occur. The recent turmoil in the job market reinforces that economic downturns can be expected to happen periodically and that you need to position yourself as a valuable commodity in your company before it happens again.
Job Growth: Achieving expertise in business areas undergoing rapid expansion provides significant possibilities. Quality sciences are moving from conventional industry segments into operations, process and product engineering, research and development, human resources, accounting, sales and marketing. This movement will provide exciting growth potential for your future.
Career Advancement: Climbing the corporate ladder is a lot easier—and faster—with greater abilities that you can achieve with a quality science professional certification.
Industry Certification: Certain programs, like the many ASQ certification offerings, prepare you in obtaining industry-recognized certifications that employers want to see on resumes.
Increase Critical Job Knowledge: Learn the latest industry tools and techniques that you can immediately use. Doing things differently and more efficiently will make you stand out and be recognized as someone who is delivering value. Certifications are viewed by organizations as a “mark of technical excellence.”
Lead, Mentor and Motivate Others: Become the recognized leader you’ve always wanted to be. Mentor, inspire and lead your fellow employees to greater achievement. 
Build Confidence: Gaining newfound skills will give you the confidence you need for peak job performance and for the attainment of personal goals. Use newfound skills and knowledge to thrust you to the front where management will notice your confidence and leadership.
Gain Respect Within Your Organization: ASQ certifications are an excellent way to foster not only peer recognition, but that of your organization’s leadership. So impress your fellow workers with your new skills and knowledge. You’ll not only gain their respect, but also that of your area management and, ultimately, senior management.
Make an Impact on the Bottom Line: By utilizing your new knowledge and capabilities you can help drive cost improvement through efficiency and effectiveness actions within your organization. The late Philip B. Crosby said that the language of management is “money, making more money, and not losing money.” Therefore, if you want to be considered a valuable commodity, take professional certification courses, and put that newly gained knowledge to work for you and your organization.
How much do employers value skills that streamline processes, boost customer satisfaction and improve their bottom line? Where there’s value and proven odds for a solid return on investment, there’s generally funding to invest in, and expand, employee’s professional expertise. However, the employee benefits as much or more from the investment.
Professional certifications, like college degrees, are personal. They belong to YOU, not your company. You are the one who receives most of the value. So don’t let funding stand in your way. Decide what is best for YOU and go after it! You will not regret it. So, what are you waiting for?