BRIGHTON, MI–– Nikon Metrology Inc. announces that Hajime Kosawa, managing director, has been promoted to a new 
position at Nikon Corporate in Japan. NMI also welcomes Dr. Hideaki Okamoto as the new managing director. Kosawa’s success in accomplishing
the integration of Metris into Nikon, along with his strong strategic management over the last several years resulted in his return to Japan 
with new and even more significant responsibilities.  
“I feel confident that the team we have in place is the best of the best, and that they will continue the success we’ve achieved,” says Kosawa. 
In little more than five years, Kosawa has ascended from vice president of marketing for Nikon Metrology Inc., to managing director, and now 
to even greater heights at Nikon Corporate.  Okamoto, a Nikon veteran, is well-versed in metrology. His many years with Nikon include experience in 
not only the engineering side of metrology and inspection, but in sales and marketing, as well.  “Dr. Okamoto’s leadership will be a great asset to Nikon Metrology, and I am sure our great success will continue under his direction,” says Kosawa.