portable air gage mahr federalMahr Federal’s new Micro-Dimensionair® II is the next generation of its Micro-Dimensionair line of portable air gages. The new Micro-Dimensionair II incorporates the enhanced Micro-Maxum® II Digital Indicator and an interchangeable handle to provide accurate, convenient readouts at the measurement site. The digital dial on the new Micro-Dimensionair II rotates through 270 degrees for easy viewing, and the IP-54 rated gage provides the exceptional accuracy and repeatability Mahr Federal users have come to expect. 
Micro-Dimensionair II also incorporates all the benefits of the enhanced Micro-Maxum II line including: Dynamic Max, Min, TIR; two point difference measurement; Multiplier Factor for ratio measurements; indicator serial number identification; resolution to 20 µin; selectable, continuous output; and longer battery life. All standard features are retained, such as inch/metric measurement in digital or analog display; bi- and unilateral tolerances with presets; multiple data output formats; auto-zeroing; and normal/reverse settings for ID/OD.
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