Montreal - After several years of investments in sophisticated design and construction of the most recent extension phase housing its new Bio-Circle facility, the entire 92,000 sq. ft Walter Surface Technologies International campus is now complete on its original Montreal (Pointe-Claire, Qc) site and is poised to grow in all of its business segments.

The campus serves as the overall international headquarters for the Walter Company, encompassing corporate management, R&D, laboratories, product management, test centers, marketing, sales, warehousing, distribution, and after sales service.  Construction of this campus represents an investment over $30 million.

The new Bio-Circle complex contains a high-tech bottling plant where production capabilities are increased 10 fold while quality control guarantees a flawless end product. Key components of this new facility include automated bottling systems, massive mixing and storage tanks, sophisticated pumping and packaging systems.

Remarks from the Chair

"We really are about performance, safety, and sustainability. We're dedicated to helping our clients work better by providing the best possible Walter products and by making Green Work with our Bio-Circle Environmental Solutions line of products. The new campus is a major asset for our future growth.  Now, we have the automation, the processes, and the facility to help us execute our core value of delivering products and solutions that help our customers work better. Today, this focus on "making green work" is leading to the development of environmentally helpful initiatives which are increasingly welcome in our industry." stated Pierre Somers, Chairman and CEO of Walter Surface Technologies International.  

Walter Surface Technologies and Bio-Circle Today

Walter continually strives to improve materials and methods, and focuses on helping customers achieve more productivity and competitiveness while helping deliver the lowest possible overall operational cost and maximizing production output. Key leading Walter products include: Zipcut (ZIP WHEEL in USA), Zipone, Enduro-Flex, and Surfox.