FAIRFAX, VA--InfinityQS International Inc., a real-time manufacturing intelligence and enterprise quality organization, commences its 7th annual Infusion conference by showcasing the advances in manufacturing intelligence and quality. With an emphasis on using quality analytics, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), to employ manufacturing intelligence, this year’s conference highlights include a panel discussion with industry experts, best practices presentations, Customer Excellence Awards, and an inside look at the added OEE functionality withinthe forthcoming ProFicient 5.1, due for release in Q4.
In Infusion’s much-anticipated panel discussion, key InfinityQS customers discuss how they are using analytics to intervene before problems occur in their manufacturing processes and make insightful, data-driven decisions. These quality efforts can affectthe bottom line by identifying areas of waste, sources of hidden costs and other opportunities for increasing the profit margin.
New to this year’s Infusion, InfinityQS honored some of today’s most innovative manufacturing and supply chain leaders with Customer Excellence Awards. Awards include the Innovation Award, Best Use of Integration, Quality Across the Enterprise,Rookie of the Year and Most Sophisticated Deployment.

The next Infusion user conference is scheduled for the spring of 2014 in Los Angeles. For more information as it becomes available, visit www.infinityqs.com.