Minneapolis, MN – Laser Design Inc. (LDI) announced it has been appointed the master North American distributor for Tomelleri Engineering’s line of Space Arm articulated-arm CMMs. The SPACE Arm line has been marketed successfully in Europe and product distribution is now expanding worldwide.

LDI intends to appoint regional resellers throughout North America to market the Space Arm.  C. Martin Schuster, LDI’s founder and CEO, said “The articulated arm is one of the most popular measuring instruments in the world.  Within North America, most of these arms are sold directly by the large companies that manufacture them which means that independent resellers can’t easily participate in this large market segment.  We plan to recruit resellers in different regions of North America that have strong backgrounds in metrology and reverse engineering and prior experience with similar articulated arms.” 

Schuster state d some of these resellers will also be able to service and calibrate the Space Arms themselves in order to minimize shipping and warranty expenses for the end customers.  He said, “LDI believes that the total cost of ownership of a Space Arm over a five year period will be substantially less than with other articulated arms.” 

Schuster indicated his company’s SLP laser scanners and Surveyor Scan Control software were in the process of being integrated with the Space Arm and that an announcement of a laser scanning option would be forthcoming shortly.

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