Edmund Optics® (EO) introduced its new TECHSPEC® Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses. New f11 and f16 lenses with 16 mm, 25 mm and 35 mm focal lengths have just been added. This newly expanded offering now includes a wide range of f-numbers to give the customer maximum flexibility to choose depth of field and throughput for the greatest variety of applications solutions.Product8_IN

TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses feature low lens-to-lens variation and offer a broadband anti-reflection (AR) coating for maximum light transmission. The lenses have an adjustable, lockable focus, which enables the user to set the best focus position prior to integration into instrumentation and avoid future adjustments.

Each focal length of the TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses is available in a range of f-number options, which allows the user to modify resolution, throughput and depth of field. For example, selecting a higher, slower f-number increases the depth of field in the lens, but decreases light throughput. A variety of aperture stop versions are offered to provide maximum flexibility in lens selection.

TECHSPEC Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses are designed specifically for volume integration applications such as analytical medical devices, including bench top-based blood analyzers. These compact lenses are offered in 35 different versions, with customized f-number versions available to best suit the customer’s instrumentation applications needs.

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