CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Eclipse Automation has launched a new green initiative, offering employees bicycles to use when traveling to local offices, in an effort to promote environmental impact awareness.

“Our expansion in Cambridge and United States continues to challenge us to find innovative solutions to maintain and improve efficiencies” says Steve Mai, President of Eclipse Automation. “The industrial bikes have been a simple and effective solution for commuting between our multi-facility growth initiatives in Cambridge.”

In light of its rapid expansion, Eclipse Automation felt that integrating a sustainability dimension into mainstream corporate functions will help to transform its company culture and create active worker participation through knowledge of its environmental policies and objectives.

“Industrial bikes are great for efficiency, reliability and healthfulness” says Mimi Brazil, HR Manager for Eclipse Automation. “They offer a much more cost effective solution to using personal vehicles, as well as being more environmentally friendly.”

For companies that manufacture and ship custom products worldwide, environmentally conscious operations are challenging. Eclipse Automation hopes to become a local green leader by establishing strong conservation ethics, creating an active, eco-friendly and sustainable foundation for its employees to build upon.

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