GRAPEVINE, TX The NCSL International Workshop and Symposium is currently welcoming papers from engineers, metrologists, scientists, statisticians, technicians and related personnel that present recent results from their work activities in the areas of measurement science and the quality of life.

Potential topics include new or improved test and measurement techniques, measurement standards and traceability, statistical process and evaluation, measurement accuracy and uncertainty analysis, laboratory management and accreditation, and advances in measurement science.

The abstract deadline is Nov. 1. The abstract acceptance date is Dec. 17. The deadline for all manuscripts is Feb. 17.

All speakers who upload their abstract by the Nov. deadline (and are accepted) will receive a $150 discount off of registration. All speakers who upload their manuscript by the Feb. 17 deadline will receive a $350 discount off of registration, for a total possible discount of $500.

Abstracts are required for all proposed papers, panels and workshops. The oprganization asks submitters to read to the "Duplicate Publication" policy.

Abstracts must be 350 words or less and be submitted electronically. Submitters may edit, track and add co-authors to their abstract using the abstract management system. Authors will return to this page to upload their papers and presentations once their abstracts have been accepted.

Applicants are asked to include enough detail in the abstract so that the abstract review committee can determine the correct session in which to place the talk. Applicants are required to submit a set of learning objectives along with your abstract. These learning objectives should describe what the listener (or reader) will know or be able to do as a result of listening to the presentation or reading the paper. The Technical Program Chair will assemble a team to review all the abstracts and select those that are top rated for presentation at the conference.

Once abstracts are selected for the technical program, authors will be provided manuscript instructions. Wherever appropriate, the papers should relate to the conference theme. In all cases, they must be non-commercial and objective.

For more information, call 303-440-3339 or email [email protected]

The symposium runs from July 17 to 23 in Grapevine, TX.

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