Mahr Federal’s broad line of mechanical comparative gages can now be configured for wireless data transmission with the addition of a MarCator 1086 or 1087 wireless digital indicator. The line includes a wide array of snap gages, ID & OD gages, fixed and adjustable bore gages, as well as depth and comparator stands. The addition of wireless digital indicators makes these gages faster and more productive than ever before.WirelessGageCapability_IN

Portable and benchtop mechanical gages are key assets wherever fast and accurate part inspection is required. Mechanical comparative gages from Mahr Federal have been mainstays in machine shops and high production facilities for more than a century. With MarConnect integrated wireless transmitters, MarCator 1086 and 1087 digital indicators can help speed part inspection times, reduce the complexity of data collection, and improve the quality control process.

When installed on a bench gage, digital indicators with integrated wireless capability eliminate the need for troublesome cables that clutter up the workbench. When using wireless portable gages on or at the machine, or with large workpieces, there are no cables to obstruct, allowing operators more freedom of movement. Plus, initiation of signal transmission can be made either from the indicators or directly from the PC. This can be very handy if, for example, you have a large gage set up with multiple indicators. Rather than having to send data from each indicator individually, the MarCom software can gather all measurement data with a single click. Successful data transmission is confirmed with a message on the digital indicator’s display.

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