LES ULIS, FRANCE M2M, recently delivered MultiX++ number 100, an ultrasonic phased-array controller dedicated to non-destructive testing. Fueled with 128 parallel channels, this MultiX++ #100 will be used for the inspection of railway wheels.

Industries like the transport sector are growing demanders for non-destructive testing to ensure structures integrity before, during and after production. This 100th MultiX++ leaves M2M workshops in France to be integrated into an automated system in Karl Deutsch plants in Germany, which will also provide the magnetic particle testing system.

The whole system will be then delivered this spring at the Schuler Group which provides a manufacturing line for railway wheels for the Turkish company KARDEMIR. The M2M instrument MultiX++ aim is to check finished wheels integrity.

The MultiX++ are mainly designed to respond to integrators for fast automated inspection of specific parts, such as steel pipe, large and thick aluminum plates, etc. This range is also dedicated to industrial laboratories which develops their methods. And finally, the MutliX++ are used as in-service equipment by service companies for industrial in-site inspection.

MultiX++ is a range of systems made for faster inspection. Available in 32, 64, 128 and 256 parallel channels, these devices embed efficient techniques such as SAUL[1], auto-adaptive and real-time inspection method dedicated to complex surfaces, or SMART, plug-in enabling the management of smart flexible probes. Since its creation in 2006, M2M has sold nearly 600 systems in more than 25 countries.

For more information, visit www.m2m-ndt.com