EDAX Inc. has launched the Atom Probe Assist, a new tool designed to help users of atom probe tomography prepare specimens for faster and more efficient analysis than previously possible. Atom Probe Assist reduces the total time needed to obtain high-quality atom probe data and accelerates progress in understanding questions in materials research, such as grain boundary segregation.

The Atom Probe Assist from EDAX provides a new method of preparing atom probe specimens that is faster and safer and provides a higher yield of useable specimens.  This approach uses Transmission-Electron Backscatter Diffraction (t-EBSD) to collect crystallographic information from the specimen to quantifiably determine grain boundary position with high spatial resolution and precision. 

Designed for use with a Focused Ion Beam (FIB), the specimens are prepared using annular ion beam milling, and the position of the grain boundary is checked after each milling step.  Once the grain boundary is located in the optimal position for analysis, the preparation is complete.  Preparation and validation occurs in a single instrument, removing the need to transfer the sample with a higher risk of damage or loss.


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