The 5790B AC Measurement Standardis an ac voltage and current measurement or transfer standard designed for the most demanding calibration applications. It combines the accuracy one would expect from a thermal transfer standard with the ease of use of a digital multimeter. Absolute ac voltage measurement uncertainties are as low as plus-or-minus 24 ppm (one year, 23 degrees C plus-or-minus 5 degrees C).

The 5790B is designed to meet the complete ac voltage, current, and wideband verification requirements of the Fluke Calibration 5730A, 5720A, and 5700A Multifunction Calibrators; 5522A, 5502A, and 5500A Multi-Product Calibrators; plus other calibrators, amplifiers like the 5725A and 5205A/5215A, transfer standards, and ac voltmeters.

Built on the legacy of the 5790A and the Fluke solid-state Thermal RMS sensor, the versatile Fluke Calibration 5790B offers all of the performance and features of the 5790A and also many new capabilities, including:

  • New user interface and touch screen display —the new 5.5-inch touchscreen display allows users to see more information on the screen, reducing the need to switch between menus.
  • Calculation free, absolute current measurements with Fluke A40B current shunts— 5790B’s can now make direct, absolute or relative current measurements with current shunts without needing to make any calculations.  The interface now allows users to input and save characteristics and coefficients such as shunt serial numbers, calibration constant values (24 ac/dc, 5 loading error points) to automate the ACI-to-ACV conversion calculations.
  • Expanded wideband range (50 MHz)— a new “/5” wideband option expands the bandwidth to 10 Hz to 50 MHz, allowing users to calibrate more devices with a single standard.
  • Improved statistics- Statistics allow users to easily gather measurement samples over a set period of time – providing min, max, average, Standard deviation, and peak to peak data while still viewing the main measurement.
  • Waveform Calculator- ability to view waveform calculations on the main display for four common waveforms: peak-to-peak sine, square, triangle, and truncated waveforms.


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