ROCKFORD, IL — The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA) plan to move its headquarters office and operations from Rockford, Ill., to Elgin, Ill. The relocation will offer greater access and convenience for FMA members, suppliers and other industry stakeholders, particularly those located in the greater Chicago area or approximate to the Interstate 90 corridor, FMA executives said.

FMA anticipates breaking ground to construct a new building in April and occupancy to occur in November. The office will be located within Elgin city limits near the intersection of Interstate 90 and the Randall Road exit, approximately 45 miles from FMA’s current facility. Elgin is located about 40 miles from downtown Chicago and 25 miles from O’Hare International Airport.

“The new headquarters will offer many benefits to FMA and to the thousands of our constituents located in the Chicagoland area and beyond,” said Al Zelt, FMA board chairman. “The location greatly enhances FMA’s ability to serve the metal fabrication industry, which is our overarching goal, and sets the foundation for FMA’s future growth.

“In addition, we now will be much closer to one of our most exciting initiatives – the new FMA Metal Fabrication Lab being built at Harper College in nearby Palatine, Ill., and set to open in January,” Zelt said. “And, our proximity to O’Hare is advantageous for all in our industry.”

“It’s important to note that the relocation represents FMA’s decision to move closer to many more of its constituents, not a move away from the Rockford community that has been a wonderful home for the organization for so many years,” said Ed Youdell, FMA president and CEO. “FMA will maintain its numerous and valued partnerships with business and academic organizations based in Rockford, and will continue its local philanthropic initiatives.”

FMA executives stated the relocation will not result in the loss of any staff positions. The organization also will provide ways to help minimize inconveniences employees may face upon making the move. FMA has 75 employees.

Youdell said the new building itself will offer benefits for both staff and stakeholders, including added capabilities to conduct on-site training and to host other industry events.

“We will have the most up-to-date technology and amenities, further enabling us to respond to the needs of FMA members, readers and advertisers of our publications, trade show exhibitors and other industry partners,” he said. “The relocation will help FMA meet its mission to advocate for the growth and sustainability of the North American metal processing, forming and fabricating industries.”

Youdell stated the FMA budget accommodates the land purchase, building construction and relocation costs. The organization plans to sell its Rockford building.