Allied Vision has extended its Prosilica GT Large Format camera family with a new lens mount option. The new Electro-Focus (EF) lens control provides a ruggedized all in one EF-lens control solution. The new mount offers simplified lens control via GenICam feature access, negating the need for any serial commands.

Equipped with an EF lens, the Prosilica GT Large Format can automatically focus sequentially on subjects in different distances. Therefore, the camera can be used in applications like logistic processes, such as the scanning and tracking of boxes of different sizes on a conveyor belt. The focus changes relative to its current position, towards infinity or away from infinity. In addition to the changing focus, the aperture and focus control serves to adjust the lens aperture when light conditions are changing.

Power can be provided via PoE (Power over Ethernet) to properly control EF-mount lenses. With the new solution, neither a separate power supply nor control adapter are required. Moreover, the improved mechanical design of the Prosilica GT Large Format camera enables planarity adjustment towards the sensor.

With robust thermal housings and precise iris (P-Iris) and focus control, Prosilica GT Large Format cameras are developed for use under tough outdoor conditions with extreme temperature variations and constantly changing light. The camera meets, for example, the special needs of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) applications or outdoor night surveillance. Available with CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions of up to 29 megapixels, the models of the Prosilica GT Large Format camera series can be used in many challenging applications.

Allied Vision