BARCELONA — Fira Barcelona will host the premiere of In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions from June 21-23 in Hall 1 of the Gran Via Exhibition Centre in Barcelona.

This is a new international event focusing on the current state and future of additive and advanced manufacturing, more popularly known as 3-D printing. This event will be a “global hub” bringing together all components of the additive manufacturing ecosystem to showcase the latest technology and innovation.

Organized by Fira Barcelona, this is the first edition of In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions features 30 of the world’s top additive and advanced manufacturing companies along with leading companies from various industrial sectors seeking solutions to their specific needs. This is a premium event for professionals only.

Participants will include firms from four user sectors — health, automotive and aerospace, architecture, retail and consumer goods — seeking innovative solutions to their future challenges and presenting these challenges to the 3-D printing experts who will, in turn, showcase their success stories and illustrate how the technology can be applied successfully in these sectors.

According to the show director, Miquel Serrano, “In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions will be an unprecedented global event designed for the demands of industries such as the automotive and healthcare and for the creators of 3-D machinery, to help them tackle this revolution in manufacturing technology.

“The goal of this new hub is to support a burgeoning sector and provide a meeting place that serves to accelerate this technology and successfully adapt it to the real needs of consumers and industrial users."

With this in mind, the event will have a special area the In(3D)ustry Arena, where visitors from each of the four industrial sectors will be able to present their future challenges to the exhibitors. The exhibitors will then demonstrate how Additive and Advanced Manufacturing currently offers tangible industrial solutions for automotive and health among others. This area will include all the manufacturers who make up such a cross-cutting sector as that of additive and advanced manufacturing. Attendees range from first-generation producers of 3-D printers through to the manufacturers of machinery and tools, not forgetting companies that are strongly entering the 3-D printing market.

One of the newcomer companies is HP with their new Multi Jet Fusion technology. As Ramon Pastor, vice president and general manager of HP 3-D printing states: “HP is committed to advancing the state-of-the-art of 3-D printing with a disruptive technology and an Open Platform that will drive collaborative innovation with materials and software partners. To this end, platforms such as In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions are key to enabling productive dialog amongst industry players, and encouraging open discussions to resolve common 3-D printing industry challenges”.

The event will also encourage dialogue between sectors. The event will host In(3D)ustry Talks, where experts will present examples of industry leading best practices and solutions. Companies can set challenges to manufacturers, and learn about cutting edge developments through participation in roundtables and through networking industry peers. In this respect, organizers are designing a discussion forum where industrial users can explain their concerns about their sectors’ requirements and the standards and regulations for these technologies to the major players in additive and advanced manufacturing, the stars of the current industrial revolution 4.0.

The offering at In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions will be topped off with two concurrent platforms: the Open Innovation Markeplace, a meeting place for companies, investors, users and manufacturers of 3-D printing machinery, and the Call for Best Solutions, where the top 50 prototypes will be selected for exhibition during the event in In(3D)ustry Arena. The In(3D)ustry Awards recognize the best solution presented at the show.

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