MANKATO, MN — S-T Industries Inc. donated a video measurement system to Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Department of automotive and manufacturing engineering technology. The system will enhance students’ study of metrology, the scientific study of measurement that is critical to any manufacturing process.

The 8700 Video Inspection System complements the department’s existing metrology laboratory equipment and will be used by students for product validation using video interpretation.

“Unlike other coordinate measuring machine equipment, the system from S-T Industries will introduce our metrology students to a non-contact inspection method,” said Winston Sealy, an assistant professor of automotive and manufacturing engineering technology. “Moreover, the video system will benefit both students and faculty in research and industry projects and partnerships.”

“Having access to equipment that is actually used in the industry is a huge advantage for students and faculty,” said Margaret Smith, president of S-T Industries. “As a manufacturer in the United States for many years, S-T Industries understands the value of a high-quality workforce and is proud to do its part in helping educate the students at Minnesota State Mankato. This gift is given knowing that many regional manufacturing businesses could benefit from students learning on the latest quality measuring equipment.”

8700 Series Video Inspection Systems from S-T Industries allow precise, non-contact measurement of parts quickly, easily and reliably. The system is designed to be a dependable, intelligent measuring solution that reduces time and costs associated with a quality assurance program, while maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing.

For more than 70 years, SCHERR-TUMICO measuring products have been produced in Southwestern MN. Since 1983, S-T Industries, Inc. has expanded the product lines to include a full range of precision hand measuring tools, optical comparators and video inspection systems.

Minnesota State Mankato’s Department of Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology is part of the University’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology. Minnesota State Mankato, a comprehensive university with 15,193 students, is part of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, which comprises 31 state institutions.