Zontec, Inc., the international developer of Statistical Process Control announced an update to its Synergy 1000™ for the worldwide market. The most noticeable upgrade included in Version 9.0 is the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard that will allow users to assess, track and analyze factors contributing to production efficiency at a glance. Also, of note in this update are improvements to the application that perform calculating and reporting Availability, Performance Efficiency (PE), Rate of Quality Product (ROQP) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Other features that have been enhanced to allow a better user experience include a Modified Auto Note feature that provides more versatility as to what events will trigger an automatic prompt for a user to document assignable cause, corrective action, or other events that take place in the process.

Additionally, the ability to define the default number of ID and Note fields applied to newly created Data Tables is included. Defining Pareto categories in a single setup window has also been improved. Automatic email notifications will now include additional details for out-of-control and out-of-specification events.

Handy visual enhancements have been added as well. Users will find enhanced toolbar icons within the program and a startup screen when initially launching the application. The ability to add a company logo to Certificate of Analysis Reports helps users to further customize their work. Furthermore, a Pareto Data Entry screen has been incorporated in the Math Calculation function to simplify data entry. Notably, video tutorials are now included with the Synergy 1000 User Manual.

Synergy 1000 is scheduled to be available this month. Users currently covered under Zontec’s SynergySPC Annual Service Agreement Plan will automatically receive the Version 9.0 update and documentation at no additional cost.