IRVINE, CA — MoviTHERM Advanced Thermography Systems is expanding its U.S. sales channels for Infrared Non-Destructive Test Systems. This expansion will be supported by Composite Automation, a New Jersey-based manufacturer’s representation company with over 30 years of complex capital equipment sales experience.

"We are very excited to welcome John Melilli and his company Composite Automation, LLC on board. John brings 30 years of invaluable experience with him. Mr. Melilli has spent many of these years in the composite market, which makes him a natural fit for MoviTHERM’s line of Composite Non-Destructive Test Solutions," said Markus Tarin, president and CEO of MoviTHERM.

MoviTHERM offers a range of composite material inspection solutions. As more and more structural components are being manufactured using carbon and other composite materials, the need for more sophisticated inspection technology is growing.

Traditionally, manufacturers have been using Ultrasound NDT technology to inspect their parts. However, structures are getting ever more complex; curved geometries are often problematic for ultrasound inspection methods. Infrared Non-Destructive Test Systems (“IR-NDT”) have several advantages over ultrasound equipment. IR-NDT based system can cope with curved geometries and allow the user to perform rapid inspections on very large structures.

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