Metrologic Group presents the first all-in-one Online Robotic Inspection Software: Metrolog X4 I-Robot version v7 released December 2016. According to the company, Metrolog X4 I-Robot eliminates the need for several software packages and a complex integration to control a robotic cell. Metrolog X4 I-Robot controls both the measuring device and the robot directly. A complementary product, Silma X4 I-Robot version V7, also to be released December 2016, allows complete robotic cell simulation.

Metrolog X4 I-Robot software connects not only to the measuring device but also to the robot controller and “drive it like a CMMs,” providing a centralized brain to control the robotic inspection cell. The systems take advantage of the intrinsic measuring device accuracy and not from the robot’s which becomes a simple “manipulator”. Because the robot path is linked to the features to inspect, any new part or part design change can easily be (re)programmed. This approach eliminates the need for complex automation architectures and allows a CMM operator to rapidly learn how to take ownership and independently control a robotic inspection cell.

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