AKRON, OH — Smithers Quality Assessments named Drew Markley as director of sales and global marketing.

In his new role, Markley will continue his focus on meeting internal and external clients needs, while he assists in the growth of the company's operations both in the United States and China. He will report to the president of SQA North America for the global marketing aspect of his new position and to the general manager of SQA North America regarding sales.

"Drew has been a valued contributor to the success of our organization since he joined the company," said Jeannette Preston, president, SQA North America. "His dedication to our clients will serve us well as we continue to grow."

Markley joined SQA in 2012. He previously focused on hiring and training professional and technical staff, developing and implementing strategic and operational sales and marketing plans, installing effective management processes and improving brand management.

This promotion will bolster Smithers' global expansion. For more information, visit www.smithersregistrar.com.