The EyeVision software now supports the Photonfocus 3D camera. Therefore new and various possibilities for the use of the EyeVision 3D software are now available. The laser line detection algorithm of the Photonfocus 3D camera is able to compute the peak position of a laser line with sub-pixel accuracy. Thus, the height profile of an object gets computed within the camera, making additional calculations in the PC needless. This is a great advantage for the user and as there is the EyeVision 3D software running on the camera the full functionality of the software is available.

The camera is equipped with a GigE interface, to make a capture of 3D profiles without a frame grabber and the cost-effective creation of a multi-camera-system, such as it is used for the inspection of profiles, possible.

The maximum resolution is 1024 x 1024 pixel with a frame rate of 150 profiles per second. The number of profiles increases when the resolution gets smaller. The maximum of number of profiles is 14770 profiles per second.

With EyeVision 3D the user can make solutions for profile measurement as well as the capture of a point cloud image. On that image the software can perform several evaluations and measurements, such as pattern matching, object counting, etc. Or else just align and find objects on a grid with the “3D ObjectGrid” command.

The 3D software also has the “3D Match” command, which also means that bin-picking applications can be solved. EyeVision 3D is therefore now more easily to combine with robots from ABB, Kuka or Stäubli. The “3D Match” offers the robots the intelligent behind the eye such as the Photonfocus camera, to pick objects out of a box.

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