LIVONIA, MI — ATEQ announced the ISO 17025 accreditation of the testing/calibration lab in their Spain office. The accreditation of this office gives ATEQ a total of nine global offices that have an ISO/IEC 17025 certified lab; US, France, Canada, China, Korea, India, Japan and Italy also have accredited labs.

ISO 17025 specifies quality management requirements for the competence and consistent operation of laboratories to produce precise and accurate test and calibration data. The certification is renewed every three years by a qualified accreditation body and is often required by customers to make sure the company performing their tests and calibrations is following the proper industry testing standards.

"Having ISO 17025 accredited labs worldwide is essential for ATEQ in order to reassure customers that our calibrations are performed and recorded with the highest quality procedures in a controlled environment," said Kyle Krist, ATEQ USA service manager.

Each lab has a list of calibrations that are performed and the accreditation body has to evaluate the complete calibration process for each to make sure it follows proper protocol. The ISO 17025 accreditation includes elements such as: a well-trained staff, comprehensive testing methodologies, quality equipment and standardized data reporting.

It is recommended to have ATEQ leak testing instruments calibrated once a year to ensure the continuous accuracy of the readings.

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