THE WOODLANDS, TX – Global Shop Solutions celebrated 25 years under the leadership of Vice President of R&D Erika Klein.

As the daughter of Dick Alexander, founder of Global Shop Solutions, Klein has lived and breathed the company since she was a young girl. From joining her parents at the office after school, to running our R&D department of nearly 100 people, Klein has been a visionary in more than 40 years of company success.

Klein’s journey as an employee started in Global Shop Solutions service department helping customers navigate our software, but she quickly transitioned into the role of chief software designer.

Each of the products released in the past two decades – business intelligence, CRM, quality control, FLOOOM, document control, advanced planning & Scheduling, GAB, and dashboards for manufacturers – all have Klein’s design and manufacturing leadership.

“Twenty five years ago my remarkable sister, Erika Klein, walked through the doors of Global Shop Solutions for the first time as an employee,” says President and CEO Dusty Alexander. “Since then, she’s grown to lead our R&D department managing four teams and nearly 100 people earning the respect and admiration of all employees. Our manufacturing customers around the world benefit from her ability to lead others as her team brings great products to market every day.”

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