ATHOL, MA — Starrett announced that Mark Arenal, general manager of its subsidiary Starrett Kinemetric Engineering Inc., will present "How Walk-Up Metrology Offers QC Versatility from Manual One-Feature Measurements to Semi-Automated Multi-Dimensional Testing" at 11 a.m. Sept. 11 in room W192-B during IMTS at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The presentation will discuss Walk-Up Metrology—the capability and utilization of a vision and multi-sensor system to be effective for a wide range of measurement applications. Applications can range from simple manual measurements of one feature, to measuring many features on multiple parts in a semi-automated fashion.

Systems and technology of this type are simple-to-use for basic measurements but are also very powerful when utilized by a trained operator for more complex measurement runs. Walk-Up Metrology solutions are versatile, offering a wide range of uses from engineering and development, reverse engineering, quality and inspection. Companies can experience a rapid pay back on a metrology system of this type.

Mark Arenal oversees the development and manufacturing of precision optical and video measurement systems for Starrett, which are used in many facets of manufacturing. Prior to this, Arenal was involved in the creation and development of two companies in the measurement and precision motion technology space.

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