The RazerCam LS is a smart line scan camera, which is freely programmable under Linux OS. High data rates are supported by the powerful FPGA and the camera is optimized for high computing power and fast frame rates. The suitable applications are manyfold, as the line scan camera is either available with the EyeVision Software as EyeCheck 4700L or without software as RazerCam Z.

Resolutions of 2048 pixel with a line rate of up to 47 kHz can be reached. The whole application can be executed in the smart line scan camera RazerCam Z. The FPGA helps, in cases where the evaluation is getting complex. The evaluation is running only on the line scan camera and can be connected to the PC via remote access. The processor is based on the Xilinx Zynq (SoM) and transfers data with 400 MB per second between the programmable FPGA and the memory (RAM). In addition the camera has 4 inputs and 4 outputs as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The fully integrated and freely programmable FPGA under Linux and the powerful CPU offer the user many possibilities. For the programming the user has a SDK available as well as libraries of EyeVision, OpenCV or others. What’s more, EVT also delivers VHDL IP cores for the user to develop themselves.

Furthermore the line scan camera has an automatic shading correction, which works additive as well as multiplicative in the FPGA. The camera can also be used as common line scan camera with pre-processing and MultiDataStream is also possible. This means that gray scale and color images can be captured and an object detection or other evaluations can be carried out at the same time. Also possible is a variable image reading, whereat 12 bit images can be captures too.

The camera is also available with the EyeVision Software as EyeCheck 4700L. Therefore several features are added too. For example the complete Standard command set of the EyeVision software is included. Or additionally there are special commands for the inspection of endless material. The included EyeVision software offers advantages such as the integrated web server. Each captured image or evaluation can be observed and edited via any browser. Also a remote image transfer and the automatic combination of several line scan camera images into one image is possible

The EyeVision Software also offers hardware systems powerful communication protocols such as Profinet, Modbus, PLC-Link, etc. And the camera has GigE and RS232 as available interfaces.

Thanks to the high fps, steel strips, paper webs, or endless material with high-speed production can be inspected for defects. 

Applications for the RazerCam Z or the EyeCheck 4700L are for example when products or components are transported on conveyor belts, with usually high speed. Typical branches are e.g. print, sorting and packaging, food industry as well as all kinds of surface inspections.

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