Olympus Corporation announced the global launch of its IPLEX® GX/GT industrial videoscopes, new products in its scientific solutions business for manufacturing and maintenance inspection applications.

Industrial videoscopes are used to visually inspect the interior of confined spaces, such as power plant equipment or aircraft engines, without disassembly. The tip of a videoscope’s insertion tube, which can be freely manipulated, is fitted with a very small camera with its own light source. Industrial videoscopes are widely used for tasks such as equipment maintenance or inspecting a component’s quality. Olympus has been supplying the IPLEX series of industrial videoscopes since 2000 to meet diverse customer needs.

The new IPLEX GX/GT videoscopes feature a high level of imaging performance:

  • 30% brighter LED light source than the previous model
  • 30 to 60 frames per second fast video capture rate
  • Proprietary image processing delivers clearer images with less noise

Together, these features help shorten inspection times and boost efficiency by providing crisp images.

The videoscope’s white LED light source can easily be changed to ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) light, making the scopes adaptable to a wide range of applications. IR can be used to inspect in the dark whereas UV is better at detecting fine cracks and showing the presence of lubricants that would risk going unnoticed using conventional imaging.

IPLEX® GX/GT videoscopes are also comfortable to hold and operate:

  • The weight balance of the controller is optimized, minimizing operator fatigue
  • “Light-touch” joystick control of scope-tip articulation
  • Intuitive touch panel control option

The touch panel is useful when space is limited. The videoscope can be controlled using the touch screen, so inspections can be performed without taking hold of the controller.

Live streaming is also available on IPLEX® GX/GT videoscopes with a wireless adaptor. Other people, such as trainees, can simultaneously view the inspection video using the Olympus IPLEX® Image Share App* for iOS devices (up to two devices can be connected).

IPLEX GX/GT videoscopes achieve this performance in compliance with strict standards, including IP65 and MIL-STD, supporting accurate and efficient inspection even in harsh environments.