LAKE BLUFF, IL — Buehler is sponsoring a new webinar for the testing of ferrous materials Dec. 4-6 in English, French and German. Buehler is offering this webinar to cover a variety of issues commonly encountered in both metallography and hardness testing of ferrous materials, including common problems and how to avoid them. Critical factors for ferrous materials​ sample preparation include­­­­ blade selection, mounting selection, cost-effective preparation techniques, image analysis and hardness testing.

The webinar is aimed at metallurgical technicians, engineers and others who carry out metallographic preparation of ferrous materials in laboratories or production environments.  The Buehler webinar will be conducted by our global material scientists and will be applicable for those testing iron-based metals (steel, stainless steel, iron, iron-based superalloys) and most traditional heat and surface treatment materials (carburizing, nitriding, induction hardening etc).  

According to Dr. Mike Keeble, Buehler U.S. laboratory manager, “Many customers have requested we present information to solve their common problems with iron, steel and heat treated surfaces.  As the economy is ramping up so is their production and they want to be sure that their metallography techniques are not compromised. “

The webinar will also delve into fundamental considerations for a wide variety of steel and stainless materials, coatings, heat and surface treatments. It will include: efficiency, quality, cost savings, etching for microstructure, accuracy and reproducibility in hardness testing.

The webinar is offered at no charge, simply register to attend and receive the recording shortly after the event. Certificates of attendance will be issued.

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