MUNICH — MVTec Software GmbH, a provider of standard machine vision software, has announced two new staff appointments. As the new product manager for the MERLIC machine vision software, Sonja Schick has been responsible for the business relating to this product since August 2018. In addition, Martin Krumey came on board in September 2018 as MVTec's vice president sales.

Sonja Schick's duties include identifying customer needs and strategically positioning the MERLIC standard software on the market. Her responsibilities also include operational tasks, such as planning and monitoring the integration of new functions, controlling revised version releases, as well as presenting the software to customers and distributors. Sonja Schick previously worked in product management for six years. During that time, she oversaw the entire portfolio of an internationally active biotech company. In her most recent role as Senior Director, she gained extensive experience in leadership, international marketing, sales, and product management. From 2002 to 2008, Sonja Schick completed a Master of Science degree in biochemistry at the University of Ulm.

"I see my new position at MVTec as an exciting challenge that allows me to contribute my well-founded product management expertise. I enjoy doing my part in growing the new business with MERLIC and further strengthening the MVTec brand," says Sonja Schick.

Expanding MVTec's leading market position worldwide

In his role as vice president sales, Martin Krumey will expand MVTec's leading market position worldwide and strategically promote the company's growth. He is a member of the Board of Directors and reports directly to the management. Martin Krumey has many years of global sales and management experience with companies operating in the technology market. Before joining MVTec, he worked for two years as sales director for a market-listed company in the field of electrical wholesale trade and spent nine years as Head of International Sales for a multinational high-tech company in the B2B sector. He has extensive sales experience in software and hardware products, as well as solutions for various customer segments and leading OEMs worldwide. From 1997 to 2001, Martin Krumey studied International Business Administration at the Munich Business School in Munich, London, and Madrid.

"I look forward to contributing my experience and working with the entire sales team to sell MVTec’s market-leading innovative products and to shape the future of the technology leader MVTec," Martin Krumey comments.

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