Zarbeco, LLC announces the MiScope Megapixel MP3, the newest addition to the popular MiScope line of portable digital microscopes. The palm-sized USB3 microscope with 10 – 180x magnification features resolution to 1.7 microns, 3.4 megapixels, up to 60 frames per second and optional UV/IR multispectral imaging.  The MiScope-MP3 offers the best resolution and most accu-rate color reproduction of any MiScope to date.  The MiScope-MP3 come with Video Toolbox Pro PC Software which offers image, video, and time lapse capture; as well as advanced measurement tools, labeling, freehand drawing and overlays all directly on the live image.  The software can be upgraded to the Premier addition, which adds edge detection (for more precise measurements), side-by-side image comparison, frame averaging, calibrated overlays, and the option to import CAD files as overlays.

The MiScope is used by tens of thousands of customers for quality inspection, forensics imag-ing, documentation, and marketing.  Its compact size allows it to be used on the factory floor, at a customer's or supplier’s facility, with a small footprint on your lab table, or in your office.

Zarbeco, LLC has been designing and manufacturing in New Jersey since 2001 and is known throughout the world for premium digital imaging.