Zarbeco, LLC, has released a new high resolution handheld digital microscope, the MiScope® MP4K. The USB 3.0 powered digital microscope combines observation, recording, measurement, and image comparison capabilities into a single palm-sized device that connects to a PC, macOS, or Android device. It fits easily in a small space on a lab bench or office desk. The MiScope MP4K microscope has 10x-360x magnification, switchable white light illumination, resolution to 1.1 microns, a 13 megapixel camera sensor, and up to 60 frames per second. Optional built-in UV and IR illumination allows for portable fluorescence microscopy or imaging at wavelengths beyond what is visible to the human eye. Video Toolbox Premier PC software is included with the MiScope MP4K. This software offers tools for image and video capture (including time-lapse), adding labels and drawing on the live image. The program can also make metrology-level measurements (with export to EXCEL) and features an optional upgrade to import CAD files as properly-scaled transparent overlays on the live video display. The MiScope is used for quality inspection, field sciences, forensic examinations, research, and documentation.

Zarbeco, LLC