Zontec, Inc. is expanding its software purchase options to include e-commerce subscription software. Synergy 100 and Synergy 100+ are now available to purchase and download without long-term commitments or contracts.

This new e-commerce subscription provides a positive shift in the way manufacturer’s access and use SPC software. The ability to subscribe with a single user minimum and floating license is very practical for companies who previously thought SPC software was unattainable. This software subscription delivers results and creates value from the start without a lump sum payment up front. Because this software is so cost-effective, companies can expense the monthly subscription instead of navigating the capital expense approval process that is commonplace when purchasing on-premise software. This makes purchasing Synergy 100 or Synergy 100+ a simple, easy business decision.

Key highlights of the Synergy 100 and Synergy 100+ e-commerce subscription-
based software:

  • Real-time variable charts: Xbar & R, Xbar and S, and Median & R. 
    (Synergy 100+ also includes real-time attribute charts: p, np, c, u and Pareto.)
  • Histogram and Six Sigma capability for Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk charts
  • Easy-to-use data collection features
  • Each data table links with a quality document and/or work instructions
  • User defined project display screen
  • Real-time out-of-control and out-of-spec pop-up warning on screen
  • Customizable report layouts
  • One-click process information report
  • Out-of-spec report