Zontec, Inc. announced the roll out of Synergy 2000™ version 11.0. 

Zontec knows that quality and profitability go hand in hand. By listening to our customers’ quality reporting requirements and understanding the role real-time SPC data, control charts and reporting has on the stability and capability of the manufacturing process, Synergy 2000 version 11.0 adds even more functionality to deliver more value and improved product quality.

Here are some of the version 11.0 highlights:

  • Customize the Certificate of Analysis Report, the Scoreboard Report, and the Cost of Analysis Report by adding your own company logo.
  • Easily define the Cpk levels for operator action and automatic email notifications.
  • Use the new manager level Process Capability (Cpk) index dashboard to display each of the alarm conditions for your overall process.
  • View real-time Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) as the OEE dashboard calculates and reports Performance Efficiency (PE), Rate of Quality Product (ROQP), and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Use Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard to access, track, and analyze factors contributing to production efficiency.
  • Quickly generate attribute charts based on defect categories.
  • Simultaneously access specification and gate functions with the new Spec/Gate Map.
  • Intuitively navigate the system with new enhanced toolbar graphics and menu icons.
  • Keep track of historic spec data with enhanced log file features.
  • And many more enhanced features

Upgrading to Synergy 2000 v 11.0 is a simple process. Current Synergy 2000 users, covered under the Zontec Annual Service Agreement Plan, automatically receive the update and documentation at no additional cost. Please contact us if you are not a current customer but would like more information on the capabilities of Synergy 2000.