Zontec, Inc. announced an update to its Synergy 3000. Upgrades to the Synergy 3000 application include enhancements that add speed and accessibility to real-time data collection, charting, monitoring, analysis, communication, and reporting.

In addition to this new Synergy 3000 v5.0 version, Zontec is also updating its internet-based Synergy 3000 Web Operator and Web Manager Software. Both modules include added features and enhancements, which improve speed, allow remote data collection, and makes charting and reporting from you and your suppliers’ facilities worldwide more real-time than ever before.

Supplier quality is among the most critical challenges today. The enhancements improve on the unique capabilities Synergy 3000 has to provide manufacturers an immediate and comprehensive view of SPC data from their global supply chain. Manufacturers have instant access to quality data about all their facilities and suppliers regardless of location, all on the device of their choice.

This list highlights select enhancements:

  • Calculating and reporting Availability, Performance Efficiency (PE), Rate of Quality Product (ROQP) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Enhanced toolbar graphics within
  • the program
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard to assess, track and analyze factors contributing to production efficiency
  • Automatic email alert for operator inactivity based upon a defined time interval
  • On-screen numeric keypad option for data input
  • Export to PDF option for Certificate of Analysis Report
  • Drop down menu added to easily switch from one characteristic to another
  • Out of Specification alert displayed if any observation value in sample is out of spec
  • User will be notified to modify measurement values that fall outside defined gate range
  • Access Pareto chart for attribute Data Tables with Pareto categories defined