Statistical process control (SPC) software is a large part of data collection and analysis in the modern manufacturing environment where quality control is a necessity. To understand what is needed from SPC software nowadays, we need to first understand the difference between traditional, on-premise SPC software and an e-commerce SPC solution.

Traditionally, with an on-premise solution, users will purchase the full-license software, install it on their computer or server, and use it. However, as Benjamin Ha, vice president of operations for Zontec, said, “Just about everything in the world today is subscription-based, so, Zontec has developed an easy-to-download and use e-commerce SPC software subscription product.”

Ha pointed out that this is not a cloud-based solution, which could bring data security concerns. “The e-commerce SPC software is available to just download, place their data on a local computer or their network, and use it however they would like. In other words, our solution works seamlessly with an organization’s existing data storage preferences whether it be on-premise or cloud-based configurations,“ Ha said.

So with a basic understanding, here are the top five things to consider when looking for an e-commerce, or subscription-based, SPC solution:

  • No contracts
    Look for a month-to-month provider with no contract to sign that can be cancelled, or not renewed, with no cancellation fees.
  • Cost effective
    Ask yourself, “How much am I going to be spending on software a month? According to Ha, Zontec’s solution comes to less than $2 per day. “It makes it affordable,” he said. “You can have all your data stored at your location, use your software, and it will cost you only dollars a day.” An additional benefit with a monthly subscription is no additional monthly fees—maintenance fees, licensing fees. Everything is included with that monthly fee. This is not only cost effective, but also hassle free.
  • Single-user minimum
    “It’s what we call a floating license,” said Ha. Some people like to call it a concurrent license. “With our product you can start with one user, test it, pilot it, and make sure that you can prove the concept. You can always add additional users, but you start with one user and you can scale up to as many users as you would like. We can grow the solution with the customer.”
  • Instant access
    According to Ha, Zontec will soon release a product in which you go to the website, download the product instantly, install it instantly, and begin collecting data, all within minutes.
  • Secure data storage
    As mentioned briefly above, many are concerned with the security of their data. “Again, some customers I have spoken to don’t want their data in the cloud,” said Ha. “They consider it vulnerable in the cloud. They want an on-premise solution.”

In addition to these five considerations, an e-commerce solution that is priced competitively, cost-effectively, and addressing a company’s concerns about data security, can also come with little to no risk. “For a couple dollars a day, you can try it for one month and there is really no risk,” said Ha. “If you don’t like it, you can cancel with no cancellation fee.”

According to Ha, the “beauty” with Zontec’s solution is that “if you like the subscription-based model, but don’t want to pay that monthly fee, you can move to an on-premise solution because we offer an on-premise and a subscription-based solution. The data can be used across [Zontec offerings] so if you have created that data in a subscription-based [platform] and you want to move to on-premise, it all stays the same.”

The cost-effectiveness of e-commerce SPC software also can appeal to those who might not necessarily see SPC as a need right now, or can’t get the funding for it right now. “But if we reduce the cost for them they can at least get the software in and get their quality in line,” said Ha. “[We can] help customers prove the concept, show their upper management, and show their customers, that they are making a good quality product and improving their process and, at that point, they can decide ‘do we want to continue with the subscription-based if it’s helping us or move to an on-premise solution, we can.’”

According to Ha, there’s an importance in simply providing an avenue to help companies not focused on, or capitalized for, SPC move away from paper and pencil and getting them started with collecting data, seeing their data on a chart, and improving their process.

“I had a conversation with a potential customer that was frustrated that management doesn’t give him the budget to do SPC,” said Ha. “He knows the importance of it, he knows he needs to get into a solution, but he doesn’t have the money for it. I offered the subscription-based, he wants to do it, it’s good for the company, and for the [monthly fee] he says ‘I can do this.’”

“It’s there for those that may not have the backing, but it’s also there for those that just need to do SPC,” he said. “We give all our customers options, for what they need to do and what’s best for them.”

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