Sigma Labs, Inc., has partnered with a high-end manufacturer of state-of-the-art machine tools, electrical discharge machines (EDM) and 3D printing products, for a test and evaluation program of Sigma Labs’ PrintRite3D® real time melt pool analytics.

Per the terms of the original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) testing and evaluation program, Sigma Labs will install its PrintRite3D system at the company’s additive R&D center in Japan and provide its comprehensive PrintRite3D In-Process Quality Assurance (IPQA®) system and services—hardware, software, training, engineering and metallurgical consulting and related support services.

Currently one of the world’s largest EDM manufacturers, this OEM client entered the additive manufacturing sector leveraging its long-standing success in design, manufacture, and sale of high end and high quality machine tool equipment. This new partnership represents the third major OEM to en-ter Sigma Labs’ test and evaluation program in as many months. Sigma Labs’ recent wins with major OEM’s and end users demonstrate the value of Sigma Labs’ cutting edge, market leading, patented PrintRite3D real time melt pool analytics technology. Sigma Labs technology licensing is available to all major additive manufacturing (“AM”) machine manufacturers who seek enhanced machine process management and optimization.

“The momentum with our test and evaluation program is clearly accelerating and we are excited to partner with the leading Japanese OEM in the additive manufacturing space,” said John Rice, Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Labs. “This evaluation program is a natural progression of our OEM li-censing efforts, working to integrate PrintRite3D directly into AM machines at the factory OEM level. This OEM’s commitment to the highest quality of standards was one of the key reasons for selecting PrintRite3D and we look forward to working with this market leader.”

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