MESA International announced the development of a new model called “The Model for Smart Manufacturing”. The new model will cover several intersecting dimensions including business intelligence, product lifecycle management, value chain management, manufacturing operations, the Industrial Internet of Things, asset management, workforce and cybersecurity.

MESA has published various models throughout the years that cover the manufacturing execution and operations space, as well as enterprise-level strategic initiatives and business operations. MESA’s various models have been referenced in many publications, textbooks, and requests for proposals. MESA’s Knowledge Committee Chairman, Khris Kammer, states, “MESA continues to evolve and, today, is at the heart of the industry’s drive toward Smart Manufacturing. The development of the Smart Manufacturing model is a valuable next step and MESA is well positioned to be the home of that model.”

Due to current social distancing guidelines, working meetings will be held virtually throughout the year. The public is invited to contribute to the creation and vetting of the new Smart Manufacturing model by joining MESA as a member and contacting MESA’s Executive Director, Brandy Richardson at [email protected].

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