Vacuum Instruments Corporation (VIC) and ATEQ Corp. North America announced they have entered into a strategic partnership.

VIC's 60-plus years of experience producing reliable, low total cost of ownership tracer gas leak detection instruments and manufacturing custom systems combined with ATEQ's decades of experience producing air leak test machines offers customers the benefit of nearly 100 years of cumulative company experience.

"Our partnership offers the world's largest leak testing product range and the best experts in leak testing technologies. ATEQ and VIC are happy to combine our experiences with key applications, like electric vehicle batteries and fuel cells, in order to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions," says Davy Leboucher, CEO of ATEQ North America.

“This partnership represents the combination of the best technical expertise in the industry across the entire leak detection spectrum. It is the ability to design and deliver to any customer application the best possible solution, the first time…and for a long time,” added Jeff Plante, VIC LLC CEO.

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