Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division announced it will host a Smart Manufacturing Virtual Open House from June 14 – 16, 2021. The jam-packed agenda includes 20 sessions presented by 14 Hexagon speakers covering hot topics from additive manufacturing to reverse engineering to the latest in non-contact measurement. Attendees will learn how data can be harnessed for agile smart manufacturing processes leading to the ultimate form of data leverage – autonomous manufacturing, intelligent machine control, predictive maintenance and more. An interactive showroom will be open from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. featuring the latest Hexagon technologies supported by local subject matter experts (SMEs) ready to answer user questions. While Hexagon’s offices are safely open for business, the company chose to make this online 3D immersive experience widely available based on the high level of community engagement sparked by their first virtual PC-DMIS user group series. The full agenda and registration to obtain a complimentary ticket can be found here. The press is cordially invited to attend, and should RSVP in advance by responding here.

On Monday, June 14, at 10a.m., Keith Perrin and Sachin Mathur will officially launch the event with a keynote presentation entitled Empowering Smart Manufacturing through Connecting the Virtual and Physical Worlds. Keith Perrin currently leads Hexagon’s Smart Manufacturing initiative. Sachin Mathur was recently named one of the 25 leaders transforming manufacturing by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). They will delve into the power of connecting data from all functional touchpoints and departments throughout the product lifecycle.

"Our Smart Manufacturing Virtual Open House provides a timely juncture for users and managers to rethink and refresh their approach to smart manufacturing from the comfort of their home or office,” stated Keith Perrin, Industry Director at Hexagon. “This informational event demonstrates Hexagon’s continuous support for customers already on the innovation frontlines and for those ready to pursue the continuous improvements found in a closed-loop system across design, production and inspection. We are excited to provide a virtual space for users who share our same vision and drive for smart manufacturing. This three-day event offers an unparalleled speaker line-up and educational content to help attendees spot the entry points for smart manufacturing in their factories and seize the opportunity to improve their workflow.”

From Monday through Wednesday, Hexagon’s Smart Manufacturing Open House series will cover a broad range of trending industry topics including workflow automation, smart additive manufacturing, evolving measurement standards, next-generation non-contact scanning, reverse engineering, and production optimization with prediction. Also on the agenda are application-specific sessions such as sheet metal solutions, advanced machining toolpath strategies, and virtual simulation technology for assembly. Users will also get a sneak peek of new releases of software for design and engineering, production and quality inspection. During the open house, attendees will have the chance to interact with Hexagon SMEs and discuss pressing challenges standing in the way of digital transformation.

For more information, visit www.hexagonmi.com or @HexagonMI.