Allied Vision presented its new Alvium 1800 SWIR camera models with Sony SenSWIR sensors for the first time at VISION Stuttgart. The Alvium SWIR cameras are the smallest industrial grade low-power uncooled short-wave infrared (SWIR) core modules on the market ideally suitable to build compact OEM systems used in embedded and machine vision applications.

Sony SenSWIR sensor technology
The four new models of the 1800-series incorporate innovative Sony SenSWIR InGaAs sensors supporting a wide spectral range from 400 nm to 1700 nm at high quantum efficiency. This allows users to image in the visible and SWIR spectrum with a single camera to lower overall system costs. Available with either USB3 Vision or MIPI CSI-2 interface with GenIcam compliant feature control, industrial grade hardware, and drivers, Alvium SWIR core modules provide a plug & play feeling whenever setting up a machine vision applications beyond the visible, regardless if it’s based on a PC or an embedded system.

Allied Vision - The SWIR camera expert
Allied Vision has many years of experience in the development of short-wave infrared cameras with InGaAs sensor technology. The existing product portfolio includes Goldeye SWIR models with QVGA, VGA, and SXGA resolution with and without thermoelectric sensor cooling. For scientific applications, cameras with two-stage thermoelectric sensor cooling (TEC2) equipped with a nitrogen cooling chamber and fan are also available, which enables low-noise image acquisition with long exposure times. With this comprehensive expertise, Allied Vision provides optimized cameras with outstanding image quality in terms of homogeneity, dynamics, and linearity for a wide range of applications.

Now Allied Vision is expanding its portfolio of SWIR cameras with the smallest industrial grade low-power uncooled short-wave infrared (SWIR) core modules on the market, underlining once again the innovative strength and technological excellence in the field of SWIR imaging.

Allied Vision